Fund, Credit, Investments : Economical Categories

Scientific functions in the theories of finances in addition to credit, according in order to the specification in the research object, will be characterized to get many-sided and many-leveled.

The definition of totality in the economical relations formed in the process of development, distribution and use of finances, as cash sources is widely spread. For illustration, in “the general theory of finances” there are two explanations of finances:

1) “… Finances reflect economical relations, creation of the funds of money sources, in the process regarding distribution and répartition of national statements based on the distribution plus usage”. This explanation is given relatively to the conditions involving Capitalism, when cash-commodity relations gain universal character;

2) “Finances represent the organization involving centralized ad decentralized money sources, affordable relations relatively together with the distribution and usage, which serve for fulfillment with the state functions and even obligations and furthermore provision of typically the conditions with the widened further production”. financial products examples is introduced without showing typically the environment of the action. We reveal partly such description of finances and even think expedient in order to make some specs.

First, finances defeat the bounds of distribution and répartition service from the countrywide income, though it is a standard first step toward finances. Also, formation and utilization of the downgrading fund which can be typically the part of monetary domain, belongs not to the submission and redistribution involving the national revenue (of newly produced value during a year), but to typically the distribution of previously developed value.

This kind of latest first seems to be the part of value of main industrial money, later it will be moved to the expense price of an all sety product (that is usually to the value too) and after its realization, in fact it is set typically the depression fund. It is source is obtained into account beforehand as a depressive disorders kind in the consistence in the prepared products price range.

2nd, main goal involving finances is significantly wider then “fulfillment with the state capabilities and obligations and provision of conditions for your widened further production”. Finances are present around the state level and in addition on typically the manufactures and branches’ level too, and in such conditions, when the most section of the manufactures will be not state.

V. M. Rodionova provides a different place about this subject matter: “real formation regarding the money begins on the stage of distribution, once the value is realized and concrete affordable forms of the realized value will be separated from the particular consistence in the profit”. V. M. Rodionova makes an feature of finances, while distributing relations, any time D. S. Moliakov underlines industrial foundation of finances.

Even though both of all of them give quite substantiate discussion of finances, as a system of formation, circulation and using typically the funds pounds resources, that arrives regarding the following definition of the finances: “financial cash relations, which forms in the particular process of submission and redistribution of the partial associated with the national prosperity and total sociable product, is related with the subjects associated with the economy and formation and utilization of the point out cash incomes and savings in the particular widened further generation, in the stuff stimulation of the particular workers for fulfillment of the society social along with other requests”.

Throughout the manuals regarding the political economy we meet with the following definitions associated with finances:

“Finances involving the socialistic point out represent economical (cash) relations, by making use of which often, in the method of planned supply of the profits and savings typically the funds of money types of the express and socialistic produces are formed regarding guaranteeing the expansion regarding the production, growing the material and even cultural level involving the people and then for satisfying other general society requests”.

“The system of design and usage of necessary funds involving cash resources for guarantying socialistic increased further production stand for precisely the finances of the socialistic culture. And the totality of economical contact arisen between condition, manufactures and businesses, branches, regions and even separate citizen based on the movement of funds funds make monetary relations”.
As we now have seen, definitions involving finances made by simply financiers and political economists never differ greatly.

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